The Moment I Learned What Perfection Means To Our Heavenly Father



For most of my life, okay maybe for literally ALL of my life, I’ve strived to be perfect.


“Make sure to have perfect hair and makeup before you leave the house. You don’t want others to think poorly of you, do you? Don’t forget to say the perfect thing to someone who needs you because they are counting on you, Breauna. Always remember that in order for someone to keep loving you and stick around, you need to be their idea of perfection.”

This may sound a bit over the top or dramatic, but truly these are the types of things I began to believe throughout my life as I strived to be my idea of perfect. As you can imagine, overtime I began to become exhausted. How could someone always look perfect, always say the perfect thing, and always be someone else’s idea of perfection without utterly going insane? The answer is you can’t and please don’t try to, take it from me!

I think part of my struggle with depression and anxiety stems from my unrealistic view of how to uphold myself. The standards I have set for myself throughout my life have been incredibly difficult to reach and each time I failed to reach that pedestal, I would verbally abuse myself. “You aren’t good enough, Brea. You never will be. You won’t be successful in this life if you don’t figure this out. Can Christ even love you with how miserably you keep failing?” This dialogue would become an almost everyday norm for me and NO WONDER I COULDN’T GET OUT OF BED! If someone else were to push you like that, to demean you that way, you would do the right thing and separate yourself from their influence. It’s just not healthy. But we can’t escape ourselves. How do we cope? How do we deal with this?

Frequently, I would cry myself to sleep with how frustrated and defeated I felt. How was I ever going to live up to what the Lord had in store for me if I continued to fail this way? I felt like such a loser and certainly not worthy of the Lord’s comfort and love. I remember I began to struggle with personal prayer. Why would the Lord want to hear from me and what would I even say to Him? I began to tell myself that He didn’t want to hear from me unless I was praising Him and that my problems were minuscule and that He did not have time for them. SAD. SOOOO SAD!

Let’s call this what it is, shall we? This is Satan. He is the father of all lies, the master deceiver and a bully. He does not just work in one simple way. He is cunning and will use our weaknesses against us. Satan will continually tell us that we need to meet some sort of expectation in order to be worthy, accepted, loved, or useful. Then, when we fail to meet those standards (because we are HUMAN), he kicks us when we are down and makes us feel like we are nothing. He was the one telling me those horrible things and for a long time, I thought it was just me being hard on myself. NAH girl.

The thing about Satan that I have learned is that he takes half truths and tries to convince us that we see the whole picture. For instance, I truly am not perfect, no one is in this life except Christ, but that doesn’t mean that Jesus Christ doesn’t love me. See what Satan does there? On another note, Satan just flat out lies to us which is such a jerk move. Listen, Heavenly Father ALWAYS wants to hear from His children, even if they are having a horrible day, week, or month. WE ARE HIS CHILDREN. Heavenly Father loves us so much. Don’t let Satan tell you otherwise.

One evening while I was studying the scriptures at home, I got sidetracked (shocker) and decided to look up the word “perfection” in the dictionary. My Google search came up with this, the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. Now when I think of perfection, I think of this same definition: to be free from all defects. WOW THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE. How does Christ expect us to be “perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48) in this life? That’s the difference right there, IN THIS LIFE Christ DOES NOT expect us to be perfect and there is a very real difference between the world’s definition of perfection and the Lord’s.

So, I continued my quest for answers. I stumbled upon a talk given by President Russell M. Nelson entitled Perfection Pending. As I read a passage from this talk, I felt my mind become lighter. My heart began to soften and I was finally able to understand what perfection means to our Heavenly Father. The passage read, “In Matt. 5:48, the term perfect was translated from the Greek teleios, which means “complete.” Teleios is an adjective derived from the noun telos, which means “end.”The infinitive form of the verb is teleiono, which means “to reach a distant end, to be fully developed, to consummate, or to finish.” Please note that the word does not imply “freedom from error”; it implies “achieving a distant objective.” In fact, when writers of the Greek New Testament wished to describe perfection of behavior—precision or excellence of human effort—they did not employ a form of teleios; instead, they chose different words.”

What a beautiful insight to that word. As I read it, I finally began to understand that there is a distinct difference from the world’s view of perfection and God’s view. He does not expect us to be perfect in every situation of every moment of our lives. He does not demand that we perfectly meet all of the required standards every second of every day. He does not expect us to be “free from all defects” NOW. He knows that we will fail and He knew we would fail when He sent us to this earth. That is why Jesus Christ is our Savior, Mediator, our Advocate with the Father. He bridges the gap we so desperately try to build ourselves. All that the Lord asks of us is to give Him our heart and a willing mind. He just asks us to TRY. And let me tell you something sister, I KNOW YOU ARE TRYING. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know and see that you are trying. They see your efforts and are pleased with them.

No one except Jesus Christ was or ever will be perfect in this life. But how beautiful and wonderful it is that we have a Savior who paid the price we could never afford. He is the answer to your questions. He is the difference between where you are now and where you long to be. Turn to Him and seek to become more like Him. I promise He is there and He is eagerly waiting to help you. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to become perfect NOW but instead continue to TRY and to work toward your goals. The Lord will help you every step of the way.








The Miracle of Modern Medicine


The room is spinning and I can’t seem to find my feet. My heart is beating out of my chest and I can’t find a pulse. I’m in a crowded room all alone. I’m a smile on the outside while my soul is trapped in a box. I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, furious, frustrated, sad, lonely, confused, and numb all at once.

I’m depressed. I’m anxious. I’m tired.

Have you been there? Have you felt the crushing weight of guilt and anxiety flooding your lungs like a wave swallowing you up? I have. I lived like this for so long.

Many people don’t have a clue that their best friend, husband, wife, son, daughter, grandmother, mother, father, teacher, classmate, or sister suffers this way. Because why would we show it? Why would we want to drag you down into the depths of sorrow and anguish, pain and fear? My family has always known I have suffered from these feelings because I chose to let them in when I had no where else to turn. Many others, however, had no idea. Until maybe now.

I can’t sit here and tell you that I’ve had a terrible life or that I have had something severely traumatic happen to me, because my life has been incredible. The Lord blessed me with a healthy body, a wonderful family, an amazing career, a beautiful man to share my life with, friends who are always there, and a safe place to rest my head. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached to me and I have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. So, why? Why do I feel these things randomly? Why when I am in a public setting on Saturday, I have a panic attack, but when I’m in the same setting on Tuesday, I’m fine? Why do I wake up feeling like there is someone sitting on my chest or shoulders and I can’t seem to shake the excess weight? Why on some days do I feel so unmotivated and sad that I physically cannot get out of bed?

If I could explain to you why I have experienced severe depression and anxiety for most of my life, I would probably be writing a book trying to help others. But, instead, I’ll be vulnerable and tell you I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I HAVE THIS. But I am writing to you here in hopes to lighten someone’s burden, to help heal their wounded soul, or to give them hope that they are NOT ALONE.

I’ve asked Heavenly Father to take this from me for YEARS. It’s a burden I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It comes on without warning and stays far longer than it is welcome. It hinders relationships, jobs, creativity, health, love, motivation, etc. If left alone and untreated, it can cause one to become completely numb until they ultimately find there is no better solution than to leave this earth.

This may seem dark to some or morbid to others, but to those who suffer from and have seen their loved ones suffer this way, it NEEDS to be talked about. It needs to become perfectly okay to express these types of feelings without being judged or dissected.

Although my faith in Jesus Christ is steadfast and immovable, I have come to understand that this has been given to me in this life. I have been asked to carry this cross. I used to yell at God and ask Him why He had abandoned me, but I have realized that He has never left my side, but has gently and lovingly led me to where I am today.

I am not perfect nor has my depression disappeared, but I have, through the guiding counsel of my Father in Heaven, been able to manage it. For YEARS, I fought medicine like it was a burglar trying to steal my purse on the street. I knew in my heart of hearts that Christ alone could heal me from this. But year after year, it remained and I began to become hardened. WHY would God not answer such a desperate plea to his daughter who was suffering? WHY would he abandon me like this? This wasn’t the God I painted in my head and I didn’t like it.

One night in my hotel room in St. Louis, I called my mother out of desperation. I was so tired and upset that I was still dealing with these feelings and emotions after over a decade without any ease. Her words pierced my soul as she spoke, “Breauna, maybe the Lord is being silent right now because He is trying to make you strong.” I immediately thought of my Savior and how he had to not only endure MY pains, burdens, heartaches, and anguish, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S. And did Heavenly Father take it from Him? No. Jesus Christ HAD to perform the Atonement alone. He had to be strong in that moment for me, for you, for each of us carrying our crosses. We may suffer in this life, but we can rest our burdens on the shoulder’s of He who bore the weight first and knows exactly how heavy it can get.

Over time, my heart began to soften to who my Savior really was. He lives and He understands me completely. So, one day I decided I was going to make an appointment with my doctor to talk about anti-depressants. For so long, I turned my nose up to the idea because I wanted Christ to answer my prayers the way I WANTED. I wanted Him to wipe away all of the anxiety and sadness so I could go on living my life and proclaim His goodness. But I have learned through trial, patience, and long-suffering that Heavenly Father answers prayers in many different ways and in His own timing. In this case in particular, he answered them through modern medicine.

I have been taking these anti-depressants since November of 2018 and I can honestly say that they have been such a tender mercy from the Lord. A path I never thought I would decide to take has turned into a miraculous answered prayer that I will forever be grateful for. There are still difficult days of course, but I feel much more in control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I feel like myself again and I have been able to move forward the way I’ve wanted to for so long.

I know that my Redeemer lives and I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and is mindful of each of us. Whether you are struggling with addiction, depression, illness, loss of a loved one, or financial burdens, the Savior can lighten your loads. He may at times carry you over shards of glass, or hold your hand as you walk side by side, but He will NEVER leave you. He loves you. He loves me. He is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God and no burden you carry, no mistake you have made is ever too heavy for Him.




How I Gained 1,000 REAL Instagram Followers in 18 Days With This Online Course

Happy Friday Babes,


I hope y’all have had a great week so far! Mine has been a bit hectic and I actually called out of work sick today because my allergies are going psycho. #dallasweather

Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys some truly incredible and valuable information I have recently stumbled upon. If you’re scratching your head as to how exactly I managed to gain almost 1,000 Instagram followers in 18 days, your eyes aren’t deceiving you…IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED and I’m honestly just as surprised as you are.

With this online course, I was able to gain a little under 1,000 REAL followers in just 18 days! Throughout this post I will walk you through the program I used back in December to learn the methods I now use each day to build my following. If you’re asking WHY you need this, stay tuned! If you are a serious blogger/entrepreneur and want to build your online presence, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Let’s get to it, shall we?!



You may or may not be aware that Instagram has a complex algorithm and while we don’t know ALL of the ins and outs of this system, this online course walks you through ways to get around the algorithm so people are actually able to view your content. Listen, you work way to hard for your beautiful content to not be seen by your desired audience and this online course guides you step by step on how to get followers who are actually interested in your niche, to view your feed, and engage with you content. YAY!



A lot of online courses get you to pay for this service they are wanting you to invest in, only to find out that not ALL of the valuable information you sought was included. Now, you have to purchase yet another course and by this time, you’re either frustrated or unmotivated. I’VE BEEN THERE. It’s not fun. With this online course, Mal teaches you ALL of the methods you need that you can use DAILY to gain the audience you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not a Follow for Follow method, nor is it some “bot” service that makes you pay for fake followers who don’t even care about your niche. She guides you step by step on how to target your desired audience, market your product and/or brand to said audience, suggests best times to post, posting frequency, and she even reveals TWO KEY APPS you’ll need to manage your following. Um amazing right?!


So, you have a brilliant blog/product/business you’re dying to grow and get into the hands of your customer. How do you effectively reach your audience and what will it cost? These are the same questions I asked myself. Since taking this program in late December of 2018, I have gained 6,619 followers. That’s an average of 1,891 followers a month JUST AS THE PROGRAM PROMISES. I’ve not just been able to gain a larger following on Instagram, but it has helped drive much needed traffic to my blog and account. Like cue angelic choir please! My end goal is to become a full time blogger so I can stay at home with our kids someday while chasing my dreams and feeding that creative bug inside me. It’s been truly amazing for me so far and I hope it can help you kickstart your dreams too!


With valuable information like this and the help you need to get your dreams going, it’s not exactly free. WA WA WAAAA. But good news, I have already made my money back from purchasing this program and never regretted investing in my future and myself. Think about your WHY and go from there. I decided this was something I was willing to pay for in order to push my blog and dreams to becominbg the writer I’ve always wanted to be.












I went from 650 followers in December 2018 to 7,269 on April 12, 2019! I went from 0 Blog Views Monthly to 500! I went from 400 monthly views on Pinterest to 127K. (YEP!) And 18 followers on LTK to 120 today. I’m still grinding to make blogging a full time thing, but I am so pleased and grateful for Mastery by Mal and how far it has taken me in such a short amount of time. This could be you girlfriend! What are you waiting for?!

Love, Brea McEwen























Francesca’s Spring Sale Roundup

Happy Spring, Babes!


I’ve recently been obsessed with Francesca’s and I miiiight have a problem. But can you blame me? They always have the BEST sales! Today they are having BOGO 60% off ANY regular priced item! I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite Spring pieces from this amazing boutique in case your closet needs a little bit of color! 😉




Yellow Front Tie Romper/Jumpsuit



This baby is so versatile. I paired it with some peep toe light brown heels and rose gold jewelry. It’s comfy and casual-perfect for Spring brunches or a picnic in the Arboretum. YAAAAS.

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Red Floral Front Tie Jumpsuit


I wore this cute one piece outfit to my good friend’s Bridal Shower and loved the fit of it! I never buy red because I feel like it’s super loud and not really my color, but I actually loved rocking this piece with my nude heels and statement earrings!

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Leopard Print Flirty Mini Dress


K, DEFFFF my favorite dress right now. It’s so fun and flirty. I paired it with my black OTK boots and (of course) rose gold jewelry. Add some sheer black tights in the fall and a black leather jacket for a colder weather outfit.

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Baby Blue Floral Easter Dress

image1image2 (2)

This dress is PERFECT for Easter, church service, or just a fun day out with your girls. I paired it with some nude heels, my favorite jewelry and a cute headband!

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Shop all three looks on my HOME page, follow me (brea.mcewen) on the app! Remember, all three pieces are available online and in stores for BOGO 60% OFF! What are you waiting for woman?! Spring into the season in style!



Tula Skincare Product Review

Happy April my beautiful babes! I hope March has treated you with lots of love, but I can tell you one thing, I’m so ready for nonstop sunshine here in Texas! Bring on the Spring April!

Ok, so how many of you have heard of Tula skincare products?! Yeah, me too. And my mother, friends, and grandma. It’s literally been all over my Instagram feed so I finally decided to cave and order their starter or “discovery” kit and I’m so happy with the results so far!

The kit comes with four travel sized products:

Purifying Cleanser

This cleanser is really smooth and gentle on the skin. It’s super concentrated as well so you don’t need a lot of product. I’ve been using this to remove my makeup and I love it!

Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel

This stuff works basically like a toner. The directions say to apply it to a cotton pad and then apply it to skin, however I’ve just been pumping two squirts of it onto my hands and rubbing it in. This stuff is amazing!

Illuminating Face Serum

I’ve been loving the Illuminating Face Serum. So far I’ve seen my skin become a bit more dewy and brighter after using this but it’s been about a week so stay tuned for better results!

Hydrating Day & Night Cream

This stuff feels like a glass of water to my face! Seriously, I naturally have very dry skin so it soaks up everything and then just feels dry again. But this stuff lasts throughout the day and when I wake up in the morning, my face still feels super moisturized!

All in all, I would definitely recommend Tula products to anyone! Not only have these products been working beautifully for my skin, but I feel good about using them. Tula prides their products on being made of all natural ingredients, so instead of rubbing harsh chemicals into the largest organ on your body, you’re giving your skin what it really needs. Um yes please!

You can order the Discovery Kit for $52! Sign up for their subscription and receive 15% off! Click this link to get 20% off of your entire order! It also comes with a super cute travel case!

Tula is an amazing brand that so far, I’ve really enjoyed using on my skin! Get over that dry winter skin and get on it girls!


The Perfect Denim Jacket To Rock This Spring

Happy Spring, Babes!

Dallas has finally graced us with the beautiful sun and the cloudy days are no more…for now! Either way, let’s celebrate this new season in style! Denim jackets are one of my favorite pieces to wear with jeans and a plain tee. They’re simple but oh so cute!



Play it up! Add some statement earrings and an open toe heel to transform this casual piece into something a bit more classy!

Dress it down! Instead of heels, slip on some athletic shoes like Vans or Nikes. Wear black leggings instead of jeans, and a simple white or black tee. I love dressing this look down by sporting a baseball hat.



Rock this bad boy out to a more casual date night, a brunch with some friends, or a sports game (HELLO MARCH MADNESS!)



I’ve linked this oversized denim jacket here for just $24.98! I’m wearing a size small for reference!

Model Info:

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 110

Bottoms: S, 25, 0

Tops: XS, S, 0/2



I hope this gives you some everyday outfit inspiration my loves! Have a wonderful FRIDAY and HAPPY SPRING TO YA!

Please feel free to comment or email us at for any questions or style tips you’re dying to know! Subscribe to our email list and get updates on new posts, discounts on brands you love, and more!